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The Bachelor of Art in Geography - Online

This degree is offered as a face to face or fully online program.

"Geography is the only subject that asks you to look at the world and try to make sense of it. The field never stops being exciting because that's what geography is all about - trying to make sense of the world."

-- Peirce F. Lewis, Professor Emeritus of Geography

Geography is the study of the human and physical landscapes of the Earth's surface. It considers many factors such as human culture, language, climate and weather, vegetation, landforms, trade flows, transportation, and cities. These are studied using geography's unique spatial perspective. Geographer Marvin Mikesell has labeled it the "why of where." In addition to meeting the basic human and physical geography requirements, KSU geography students also select a large number of courses in related studies. This illustrates the interdisciplinary nature of geography and allows students to tailor their degree to their personal and career interests. Related studies may be in the humanities and social sciences, the arts, the physical sciences, business, and many other disciplines. If you have started a degree in another field, you will see how it will fit into your B.A. in Geography from KSU. A geography degree can lead to a rewarding career in business, education, government (at any level), non-profit organizations, or research.

The online B.A. in Geography is a 123-credit hour program began in Spring 2015. The program director is Dr. Garrett Smith. The program is based on four years of full-time enrollment. Summer courses are not included but may be taken as available to hasten the time spent on the degree. Students should understand that this is a completely online program. No courses will be taken in the face-to-face format.

Path through the Major

(suggested only - communicate with your advisor)

  • Semester
  • Year 1 Fall
    • GEOG 1112 Weather & Climate
    • FL 1001 (also serves as Elective 1)
    • MATH 1111 College Algebra
    • General Education (Select 2)
  • Year 1 Spring
    • GEOG 2105 Social Issues: Perspectives in Geography
    • FL 1002 (also serves as Elective 2)
    • MATH 1107 Elementary Statistics
    • SCI 1101 Science, Society, & the Environment I
    • General Education (Select 1)
  • Year 2 Fall
    • ANTH 2201 Introduction to Anthropology
    • GEOG 1101 Introduction to Human Geography
    • FL 2001
    • Related Studies (Select 1 advisor-approved, upper-division course, #1 of 6)
    • General Education (Select 1)
  • Year 2 Spring
    • GEOG 1102 Earth From Above
    • GEOG 1113 Introduction to Landforms
    • FL 2002
    • Related Studies (Select 1 advisor-approved, upper-division course, #2 of 6)
    • General Education (Select 1)
  • Year 3 Fall
    • GEOG 3320 Political Geography
    • GEOG 3340 Cultural Geography
    • Related Studies (Select 2 advisor-approved, upper-division courses, #3 and #4 of 6)
    • General Education (Select 1)
  • Year 3 Spring
    • GEOG 3300 Urban Geography
    • GEOG 3350 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Related Studies (Select 1 advisor-approved, upper division course, #5 of 6)
    • General Education (Select 2)
  • Year 4 Fall
    • GEOG 3305 Introduction to Cartographic Processes or GEOG 3312 Geography of Europe
    • GEOG 3330 Economic Geography
    • GEOG 3700 Introduction to Environmental Studies
    • Related Studies (Select 1 advisor-approved, upper division course, #6 of six)
    • General Education (Select 1)
  • Year 4 Spring
    • GEOG 3398 Internship
    • GEOG 4499 Senior Seminar in Geography
    • HPS 1000 Fitness for living
    • Free electives (Select any 3 courses)