Department of Geography and Anthropology

Welcome to the Department of Geography and Anthropology at Kennesaw State University. We offer majors in Anthropology, Geography and Geographic Information Science and a certificate program in Geographic Information Science. Minors are also offered in Anthropology, Geography and Native American Studies.

Part-Time Faculty Spotlight

Debbie Wallsmith

Part-time Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Debbie Wallsmith earned a BA and MA in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and a PhD from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Her graduate research examined the processes used to make Middle Stone Age tools in Sudan and South Africa. She has worked in Egypt, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa and Canada, as well as the US and has taken time from work to visit many natural and cultural treasures in all these places. Debbie has been teaching Introduction to Anthropology and Social Issues since 2006.

Student Experience