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Brandon D. Lundy

Associate Director, INCM PhD Program
Associate Professor of Anthropology

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Office: Social Sciences (SO 22), Room 2019
Phone: 470-578-2893
Fax: 470-578-9147


Dr. Brandon D. Lundy came to Kennesaw State University from SUNY at Buffalo where he obtained a Ph.D. in 2009 studying household livelihood strategies at the global margins in a remote village in southern Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. He also holds a Ph.D. from Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France. Dr. Lundy’s MA thesis in 2005 is based on countryside educational policy and discourse in Norfolk, England.

Dr. Lundy’s current research interests include the impact of globalization on livelihood strategies, food systems, and cultural identity in Guinea-Bissau. From 1999 to 2001, Dr. Lundy was a U.S. Peace Corps community development volunteer where he taught computers in the rural farming community of São Domingos in the West African island nation of Cape Verde. As a sociocultural anthropologist, he also specializes in the ethnography of Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) West Africa; Sustainable and Participatory Development; Ethnoeconomics; Ethnic Cooperation (Nalú & Balanta); Economic Anthropology; Marginalization; and Border Zones.

Dr. Lundy’s research is shaped by the practice of everyday life, conceptions of cultural identity, globalization, and political economy. His work demonstrates how local inhabitants negotiate their historical and contemporary realities in order to adapt to economic deprivations. He has authored a number of articles and national and international conference papers including a Field Notes feature in the American Anthropological Associations’ newsletter, Anthropology News. Dr. Lundy’s teaching interests include cultural anthropology, ethnographic field methods and praxis, economic anthropology, and relationships between Africa and anthropology.

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