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Programs / Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies with emphasis in Environmental Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies with emphasis in Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines relationships between the human and physical landscapes. It recognizes that the two landscapes are inextricably linked, and that altering one will affect the other. Topics such as global climate change, deforestation, wetland degradation, water, soil and air pollution, sustainability, economics, ethics, policies and laws, history, and literature all fall under the domain of environmental studies.

Program Requirements

General Education - 42 hours

See listing of requirements.

*Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F) (18-20 Credit Hours)

Varies depending on academic areas selected.

*Upper Division Major Requirements (53-54 Credit Hours)

  • Course
  • INTS 4498
    Senior Seminar in Integrative Studies
  • 12 credit hours each from three academic areas
  • 12 credit hours of coursework approved by the INTS Director reflecting integration and application of upper-level academic skills. Must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

*Related studies - 0-6 Credit Hours

  • Varies: Environmental Policy = 0; Environmental Science = 6.

Free Electives - 0-9 Credit Hours

  • Any courses in the university curriculum. Varies: Environmental Science = 0; Environmental Policty = 9.

Program Total (120-123 Credit Hours)

* Note: These areas are to be planned closely with an INTS advisor and must follow requirements made, if any, by the academic areas selected for the degree. Any changes to an approved/signed INTS proposal must be re-evaluated and approved by an INTS advisor.