Department of Geography and Anthropology

Alice Gooding

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Contact Information

Office: Kennesaw Campus
Social Sciences Building (SO 402), Room 3002
Phone: 470-578-2503


Dr. Alice Gooding is a biological anthropologist. Her research and teaching interests include osteology, bone biomechanics, and forensic anthropology. She received her Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology at the University of Tennessee and her M.S. at the University of Georgia in Archaeological Resource Management. She provides training and consulting for law enforcement and investigative agencies at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Georgia Public Safety Training Center.

Dr. Gooding runs the KSU Skeletal Variation Lab. The lab is home to a pQCT XCT 3000 scanner, a Microscribe G2 digitizer, a workstation with imaging and analytical software, and a conference area for osteometric data collection and other collaborations. Please see the lab's homepage (coming soon) to learn more about getting involved with current projects or using the lab equipment for your own research.


Courses taught:

ANTH 2200 Anthropology of Death (no prereqs)

  • Offered every Spring semester
  • Fascinating course that fulfills a general elective
  • Open to all majors

    ANTH 2223 The Human Skeleton (no prereqs)

  • Offered every Fall semester (starting Fall 2018)
  • Introduces students to the study of bones
  • Open to all majors

    ANTH 3301 Human Origins (ANTH 1102 required first)

  • Offered every Fall and Spring semesters
  • Required for anthropology majors
  • Great course for Psychology, History, and Biology majors as well

    ANTH 3320 Lab in Physical Anthropology (prereq: ANTH 3301 or permission of instructor)

  • Offered every Fall semester
  • Students interested in physical/biological anthropology are strongly encouraged to register

    ANTH 4420 Lab in Forensic Anthropology (prereq: ANTH 3301 or permission of instructor)

  • Offered every odd-year Spring semester

    ANTH 4423 Bone Biomechanics (prereqs: ANTH 3301 and 3320, or permission of instructor)

  • Offered every even-year Spring semester