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Nicholas Ellwanger

Instructor of Anthropology

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Office: Social Sciences (SO 22), Room 4005
Phone: 470-578-6919
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Nick Ellwanger is a trained biological anthropologist who specializes in primate behavior, ecology, and demography. Nick received his BS in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology from Emory University in 2002 and his MA in Anthropology from the University of Victoria, Canada in 2008. He is currently working to complete his PhD in Anthropology at the University of Texas at San Antonio. His research primarily focuses on the interaction between female primate feeding behavior, diet, and nutrition and its long-term consequences on reproduction and life-history. His ultimate research questions revolve around how proximate and ultimate strategies shape female primates’ ability to reproduce successful within an ecological and evolution context. For his PhD research, Nick intends to study wild chacma baboons in South Africa’s coastal fynbos region, a unique ecological zone that produces multiple ecological challenges for these primates. He hopes to shed light on strategies of nutrient acquisition that can inform future research on reproductive capabilities and population health of this primate population. In addition, he hopes that his research will aid conservation efforts to save this and many other threatened primate species by producing knowledge of nutritional requirements and potential implications of habitat loss and degradation. Outside of academics and teaching, Nick enjoys travel, long-distance running, playing the cello, and cooking.

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